What do you need to know?

19-20 JANUARY 2024

Radisson Blu Hotel Canal View, Dubai

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  • Precision health Workshop is a 2 day international workshop offering training for health professionals in the application of precision and personalized medicine in their routine medical consultations.
  • This 2 full day workshop covers the basics of Precision Medicine and Personalized Health and touches base on Quality of Life.
  • Why HCPs should attend? They can engage with experts and have one on one meaningful discussions. Networking is the driving force behind our desire to grow the precision medicine community. Participants will learn how to apply the basics of Precision medicine in their daily practice aiming to prevent and treat diseases among their patients.


  • Participants will understand the role of Precision and personalized medicine in Prevention & treatment of Diseases.
  • Participants will develop higher level skills to engage in practicing personalized medicine.
  • Participants will get to know and learn how to practically use Polygenic Risk Scores.
  • Participants will build competence and confidence in being a quality of life consultant.
  • Participants will see measurable benefit from genetic testing, genetic mapping & genetic counselling.


  • Practicing Clinicians in: Oncology, Cardiovascular diseases, children and women health, genetics, internal medicine, family medicine, endocrinology, and psychology
  • Researchers
  • R & D in Pharma
  • Pathologists
  • Regulatory affairs and Policy makers
  • Artificial/Augmented Intelligence, Informatics, Analytics, Signal and Image Processing
  • System software designers, and Diagnostics Developers


400 AED for Healthcare Professionals
800 AED for Private Sector

DAY 1 | 19 JANUARY, 2024

9:00 Reception and Registration
9:30 Welcome Speech & Introduction
10:00 Keynote Presentation: Introduction to Precision/Personalized medicine
10:30 Keynote Presentation: Precision Medicine: New business models for the future of healthcare
11:30 Break
12:00 Group Work: Implementing genomics in clinical practice
01:00 From Genomics to Therapeutics
01:30 Exomes in a clinical setting: the Promise and the delivery + Q&A
02:00 Quality of life consultant: Definition and Role + Q&A
02:30 The use of Functional Genomics to accelerate Drug discovery + Q&A
03:00 Lunch
04:00 Group Work: Polygenic Risk Scores
05:00 Wrap up

DAY 2 | 20 JANUARY, 2024

9:00 Reception and Registration
9:30 Keynote Presentation: "The Renaissance of Genomic medicine The Path Of Precision Medicine: From Discovery To Patient Care” focusing on psychiatry, oncology, cardiology and rare diseases
10:00 Keynote Presentation: Precision Medicine and Artificial Intelligence: Precision Medicine Success Through Platform Technology
10:30 Long noncoding RNAs: A potential Gold Mine of New Disease Genes
11:30 Break
12:00 Group Work: Precision Medicine Applications: in various clinical care settings
01:00 Peoteomics And Systems Biology For Personalization of Cancer Treatment + Q&A
01:30 Genome sequencing and multi-omics phenotyping in precision medicine + Q&A
02:00 Precision & Diagnostics + Q&A
02:30 Wrap up & Conclusions
03:00 Lunch