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Event experts with over 15 years of international experience and supported by a distinguished Industry advisory board, we create high-caliber events which attract key decision makers.

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We create and have established professional annual gatherings giving unrivalled insights into market trends and developments, investment opportunities and commercial strategies for success.

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Corporate Events

Our Own Events and Trainings

We organize our own conferences in the Middle East & Africa. Our years of experience and industry expert advisors, enable us to identify industry specific pressing topics to address, creating programs that deliver high level analysis, unique speaker presentations and highly interactive discussion panels which translates into meaningful strategic advice and solutions for our participants.

Management of Your Events

Whether you’re looking for professional Industry oriented event management, trainings or venues, we can help. We offer you our great experience in event management and production, ranging from bespoke small company trainings to multinational government patronaged events. We will work with you to create, curate, produce, measure, sell and deliver your event to make it that stand out.

Event Digital Solutions

Any event needs to have a good Digital presence. At MWAN Events, in addition to our event management expertise, we have developed an integrate digital technology service delivery platform with all the required elements. All our Digital technology is owned and produced in-house giving us and you full control of your event’s Digital presence.

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