Private Party
SLS Privilege Rooftop
"Unveiling Elegance: Where Moments Turned Into Unforgettable Memories"

In the world of glamorous events, our collaboration with a respected Monaco-based event company reached new heights of sophistication to provide a high-quality private party for our international customer. This exclusive event beautifully combined luxury and elegance, creating an atmosphere that captured the essence of Dubai.


  • Logistics & Suppliers Coordination
  • Concept Development
  • Exclusive Venue Search
  • Entertainment Program
  • Guest Management
  • AV, Photo & Video

Challenges & Solutions:

Bringing the vision of our international client to life posed a series of distinctive challenges. The client’s desired a venue full of “Dubai” feel and spirit yet unique and sophisticated. Since Dubai is one of the prime destinations of such events, finding a venue where has Dubai spirit but not very well-known, was a true challenge. Our customer also had a unique theme that everything else should have been adopted around and fit perfectly. Crafting an event around the client’s specific theme required the generation of multiple concepts, along with addressing the high expectations set by both the client and the unique theme.