International Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition
Diamond Cup Competition
“A True Celebration of Talents: Empowering Young Gymnasts”

In collaboration with our valued partner, Diamond Academy Dubai, we meticulously planned and flawlessly executed a truly memorable international competition at Danube Sports World, Dubai. This outstanding event went beyond the usual sports competition, becoming a celebration of young talents. For 2 days, teams from over 20 countries competed in rhythmic gymnastics, captivating attendees with their breathtaking performances. The event seamlessly integrated competition, shows, and fun, embodying our commitment to creating a complete experience. Our primary objective was to organize a strong, fair and groundbreaking international competition, featuring the right jury, teams, and location. The driving force behind this event was to raise awareness for girls’ sports, provide unwavering support to our talented gymnasts, and promote a healthier lifestyle from a young age. As the event organizers, we took charge of every detail of the competition, working hand in hand with Diamond Academy Dubai.


  • Venue Finding & Coordination
  • Suppliers Search & Coordination
  • Management on day
  • Entertainment
  • Sponsorship Management
  • Legal Permissions
  • Marketing
  • Logistics

Challenges & Solutions

Organizing an international gymnastics competition had some challenges such as coordinating logistics for a big venue, international permissions, ensuring fairness in competition and overcoming biases against girls’ sports in terms of marketing and sponsorship. To address these issues, our team implemented meticulous international arrangements, optimized logistics, ensured the fairness by choosing an international and diversified jury, and utilized creative marketing strategies to highlight its importance.