Desert Party
Desert Party, Nara Desert
"Desert Dreams: Where Exclusivity Meets Adventure"

We work closely with desert facilities to provide a unique event experience in the desert by providing exceptional food and breathtaking locations. Meeting the high standards and expectations of our customers, the desert experience can be the best fit for international groups, corporate clients, and private gatherings, ranging from intimate parties to larger groups.


  • Concept Design in the desert
  • Coordination with suppliers and desert facilities
  • Decoration
  • Entertainment Program
  • Catering & Culinary Excellence
  • Logistics on the day
  • Photo & Video

Challenges & Solutions:

The challenge of designing and managing an event in the desert is to ensure that the venue, decorations, and culinary offerings align seamlessly with the event concept and design. Given our client’s elevated expectations, meeting the high standards across our programs, entertainment, and safari experiences posed additional challenges.