Combination products


12 August, 5pm UAE/ 4pm KSA/ 3pm Egypt/ 2pm London

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Drug/device combination products present unique challenges. The current pandemic has highlighted the need for the regulation and discussion between authorities and industry.
A combination product is a product composed of any combination of a drug and a device; a biological product and a device; a drug and a biological product; or a drug, device, and a biological product.
This webinar will provide:

  • a comprehensive understanding of a Combination Product system
  • an overview of Global regulatory pathways (with the focus on FDA and European regulatory guidance)
  • Overview of Combination Product submissions in USA & Europe
  • Discussion about Combination product safety – Industry perspective

Participants will have an invaluable opportunity to discuss the complex issues involved with key regulatory experts in this field.



Khaudeja Bano

Khaudeja Bano

MD, Executive Medical Director
Combination Product Safety Head Global Patient Safety, Amgen

Janine Jamieson

Janine Jamieson

European Editor
International Pharmaceutical Quality Publications

Theresa Jeary

Theresa Jeary

Consultant and Company Director
Regulatory & Scientific Affairs